I Am Clare Hreschak’s Daughter

This is my abusive mother - Clare Hreschak.

This is my abusive and pedophilic mother – Clare Hreschak.

I originally outed my mother in a note on Facebook, two days ago. Within those two days, my note received over 100 shares and countless replies. Unfortunately, Facebook decided to force remove my note. I will not get in to the hypocritical nature of the usurping of my story – we all know what type of filth and hate Facebook allows on its site. But I refuse to be silenced any more. I ask all of you to please SHARE this and spread the word.

This is my attempt at finding some justice in a system that makes it near impossible for an adult child of a child abuser to seek recourse against her perpetrator. I realize no one likes to read more than a few sentences on Facebook, but I ask that you take just a few minutes to read and please SHARE this story to your wall if you feel so inclined. It would mean a lot to me.

I Am Clare Hreschak’s Daughter

In the aftermath of the most horrific mass shooting our country has ever seen, a courageous woman wrote about her own nightmare and burden, comparing herself to the slain mother of a mass murderer. The article, entitled “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” blew a hole through our fractured mental health system. Her intent, as I understood it, was to show the world that, despite all of her attempts to seek help, the “system” continues to fail her and she is frightened – very frightened – of her own son. And she wants help.

Monsters really do live in closets.

I am Clare Hreschak’s daughter. I, too, have sought help. My first therapy session was at age 13. By 35, I had seen over a dozen psychotherapists and psychiatrists. I’ve had more diagnoses than fingers. But there is one constant diagnosis with regards to my ill functioning brain – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I once begged to be checked in to a psychiatric hospital. In 2012, I was eligible to participate in a drug trial at The National Institute for Mental Health in DC, where I stayed as an inpatient for four months. Why? Because as a child, I was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused at the hands of a woman – my mother.

For the sake of this story, I am referring to my mother by her current married name. Before Hreschak, she was Mallino, and before Mallino, she was Agnolucci. My mother is a public school teacher, currently teaching middle school children at Palm Springs Community Middle School (formerly, Jefferson Davis Middle School) in West Palm Beach, Florida. Yes, I’m outing her. Because, despite the crimes of which she made me a victim, she also had sex with a sixteen year old boy when I was fifteen years old, in our home. I was there, with my boyfriend at the time. There was an investigation, but nothing ever came of it. She continued to teach and still does to this day.

I was abused on a daily basis, but because this is not a book, I will stick to the most damaging atrocities. Between the ages of eight and ten, every weekend, my mother forced me to visit her pool- hall junkie boyfriend, a man by the name of Jimmy Reid, whose living situation consisted of various cheap motel rooms. During those visits, I was forced to watch Jimmy and my mother have sex. In fact, that’s all they did. It was a curious situation – every motel room Jimmy rented only had one bed. I had few options: either sit on the same bed where they were having sex, sit in a chair that faced the bed where they were having sex, or hide in the bathroom. I can remember instances while hiding in the bathroom, my mother calling out, “what are you doing in there” – as if to say, “Why aren’t you out here watching us fuck?” Beyond the sex, their interactions were always sexually gratuitous – it was normal for Jimmy to grab my mother’s vagina while kissing her good-bye.

On the car ride home from several of these sexual exploits, my mother would find a reason to scream at me, I had engaged in some imaginary wrong doing that would cause her to become irate. My punishment was my mother flooring the gas pedal as we traveled down a busy road and her threatening to “slam the car into a brick wall and kill us both”. I believed, without a doubt, that my own mother was going to murder me.

What makes this situation a purposeful crime against my innocence is that during these years, my mother and I lived with my grandparents. There was no logical reason I had to join my mother to these motel rooms and watch her have sex. She could have easily left me with my grandparents. This is sexual abuse – at the hands of a woman.

Along with the sexual abuse, my mother was violently physically abusive. She has punched me in the face and blackened my eyes – to which I was instructed to go to school and tell people that I accidentally “ran into the stationary bicycle”. I was strangled on a number of occasions and once again, instructed to lie when I went to school. This time, it was a “sun rash”. Many times my mother publicly dragged me by my hair down the street as I screamed for help, but no one ever came. I was beaten more times than I can count with wooden salad spoons and told that if I cried, she would beat me more. I was slapped, back-handed, knuckles protruding, on a regular basis. Her knuckle bones seemed as round as globes. I was forced to sit on my knees, facing a corner, for hours. I am embarrassed to admit that I was beaten numerous times for not being able to have a bowel movement every day when I was a little girl.

As for the emotional abuse, she spewed it out as if she were vomiting up spoiled food. I am my father, I will grow up to be nothing, I am useless and ugly. One Christmas, she refused to purchase a Christmas tree or presents, but offered to pay for a nose job. This was her way, once again, to beat down and crush my already fragile self esteem. If I made an A- on a test, I was berated because it wasn’t an A+. As punishment, she took scissors to all of the clothes in my closet. She cut and cut until there was nothing left. She cut until there was nothing left of me.

My final beating occurred when I was fifteen. My mother leapt from a chair, grabbed me by my hair, tossed me to the ground face-first, forced her knee into the small of my back and proceeded to slam my face numerous times against the floor. As she did this, she screamed, “I’m going to kill you”. I was fifteen and thought, finally, my life is over. Finally.

It was at that moment I was able to escape. I ran away and lived on the streets of Florida for six months. I’ll spare you the sad stories of what a fifteen year old girl sometimes has to do in order to not sleep in a park bathroom. (Something I’ve actually done.) But I lived. And at sixteen, the father I never knew flew to Florida and put me on a plane to Pittsburgh, where I lived until I was eighteen.

As for my mother, I have never spoken to her again. During the years she abused me, I was summoned to the school office once and asked about my home life situation. I lied. I lied because I was terrified of what my mother would do if she found out I told them the truth. During those years, not a single family member stepped in to rescue me. Now that I’m older, and no longer under my mother’s thumb, I have no way of prosecuting her for her crimes. The justice system surrounding adult children of child abusers is a fractured system. The statute of limitations removes the possibility of prosecution once an adult is willing and able to confront the crimes caused by our perpetrators. The bruises are gone. All that remains is a brain injury. Adult children of child abusers are the only group of victims told to “forgive” their perpetrators without any real justice served. My mother will never see the inside of a jail cell. She continues on with her life, now remarried and with a son who is about to graduate high school. I’ve made several attempts to contact him and make him aware that if he ever needs a place to run, that my door is always open to him.

Unfortunately, my life has not continued. I am still my mother’s prisoner. I am Clare Hreschak’s daughter. I do not leave the confines of my bedroom. I have tried and taken more psychotropics than I can count. I’ve been to therapy. I’ve seen the bleached white walls of psychiatric institutions. I don’t sleep. I am unable to properly convey to the best man in the world, my husband, just how much I love him. I am emotionally absent yet filled to the brim with resentment toward a system that does not acknowledge the crimes that were made against me, crimes that severed part of me and now I stumble around as if I have a phantom limb. I can feel that part of me that is missing. I am a phantom person. But now I’m ready for as many people to know who this phantom person is:   I am Clare Hreschak’s Daughter.

I do not want anyone’s pity. I want, what I believe many adult children of child abusers want – acknowledgement. I can no longer carry this abuse around in silence. If the current justice system is unable to acknowledge the fact that I have been a victim of numerous crimes at the hands of my own mother, then I feel that I’ve been forced to create my own justice. That justice, for me, is to OUT the sadistic and dangerous criminal slithering about her community, working at your public schools, and still abusing.

My mother is Clare Hreschak. Clare Mallino. Clare Agnolucci.  And I am her daughter.

Public Records Show:  http://florida-white-pages.virtualyp.com/Hreschak-Clare-1745811.html

Clare Hreschak
211 Costello Rd
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
Telephone: 561-493-4647

If you are interested in reaching me, the author of this “short” memoir:

Rachel Mallino Fowley

I am also asking that any former or current students of Clare Hreschak to please leave a comment here on wordpress or on my facebook  page, where a post has already been started,  with your own story regarding misconduct and inappropriate behavior by Clare Hreschak.  If you do not feel comfortable leaving a public comment, please email me.



227 thoughts on “I Am Clare Hreschak’s Daughter

  1. IsaBellah Rivera says:

    I’m IsaBellah R. You’re mother was a monster for my middle school year I had her. Bullied me said I was stupid snatched my phone in the hallways to ‘accidentally’ drop it. She always was rude and dislikable. I always knew there was more behind closed doors. I’m sorry for everything she put you through and I hope one day you get a well nights rest knowing this shitty person get to continue walking this earth. Youre in my thoughts and prayers. Ive dept with a Similar story myself , Stay strong ❤

  2. James says:

    I had her as a teacher at Jefferson Davis middle in 7th grade in ’98. She had an aura of evil, the class was unpleasant, and I would skip school on odd days when I had her for almost 3 hours so I didn’t have to deal with her. I thought how could this demon have a husband and never thought she would have children. She scarred me being around her a few hours a week for a year of my life, my sympathy goes out to you for surviving her as her daughter. She should have been put in jail and stripped from teaching decades ago. Negligent staff at Jefferson Davis.

  3. Deborah says:

    I am so horrified by what has happened to you (and the others who have posted in response to your message). I have a 14 year old daughter, who’s friend had this teacher a few years ago, she posted your story, and I reposted it, begging my friends and family to repost. I went to the school’s website and saw that your abuser is back teaching there at Palm Springs Middle School. It has been a few years since you posted your petition, and I see that it is closed. I am reaching out to you because I am hoping that the petition can be reopened somehow? I know it must have taken a huge amount of courage to post it in the first place. I’m sure that you have probably gotten praise and also been horribbly blasted for doing it. But I also know that it is very important to get the word out to current and future students and parents. If we can’t unseat her, at least there can be awareness. My Facebook name is Jazzbeaux Kile, please let me know if you decide to reopen the petition, or if I can help in another way.

  4. Deborah says:

    I just read that yesterday The state of California abolished the statute of limitations for victims of sex crimes! Due to Bill Cosby’s victims pleading… Maybe someday, the rest of the country will follow suit, and victims like yourself will be able to pursue justice for the crimes committed against you! I hope and pray that it happens soon!

  5. Kyle Hendrick says:

    So I have her for my 5th hour class….🙁

  6. Gladys says:

    Did she teach english? I went to JD in 93-94. I remember having a teacher that was SOOOO mean, and always in a bad mood. She was pregnant at the time. So I just attributed it to that. I don’t remember her name. I just looked at my year book from that year and I don’t see her in the book. A few months after school started for the year she went on maternity leave. Not sure if it’s the same person….

  7. Monique Brown says:

    She was the worst teacher I ever had. Monster is not even an appropriate word to describe her. She would bully all of us and put us down almost daily. She would give crazy amounts of homework so you would have no time to focus on any other classes and would mark things wrong that weren’t just because. Now that I know the truth her nasty behaviors all make sense but when I was a young girl it was terrifying. I hope she gets what she deserves.

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