I Am Clare Hreschak’s Daughter

This is my abusive mother - Clare Hreschak.

This is my abusive and pedophilic mother – Clare Hreschak.

I originally outed my mother in a note on Facebook, two days ago. Within those two days, my note received over 100 shares and countless replies. Unfortunately, Facebook decided to force remove my note. I will not get in to the hypocritical nature of the usurping of my story – we all know what type of filth and hate Facebook allows on its site. But I refuse to be silenced any more. I ask all of you to please SHARE this and spread the word.

This is my attempt at finding some justice in a system that makes it near impossible for an adult child of a child abuser to seek recourse against her perpetrator. I realize no one likes to read more than a few sentences on Facebook, but I ask that you take just a few minutes to read and please SHARE this story to your wall if you feel so inclined. It would mean a lot to me.

I Am Clare Hreschak’s Daughter

In the aftermath of the most horrific mass shooting our country has ever seen, a courageous woman wrote about her own nightmare and burden, comparing herself to the slain mother of a mass murderer. The article, entitled “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” blew a hole through our fractured mental health system. Her intent, as I understood it, was to show the world that, despite all of her attempts to seek help, the “system” continues to fail her and she is frightened – very frightened – of her own son. And she wants help.

Monsters really do live in closets.

I am Clare Hreschak’s daughter. I, too, have sought help. My first therapy session was at age 13. By 35, I had seen over a dozen psychotherapists and psychiatrists. I’ve had more diagnoses than fingers. But there is one constant diagnosis with regards to my ill functioning brain – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I once begged to be checked in to a psychiatric hospital. In 2012, I was eligible to participate in a drug trial at The National Institute for Mental Health in DC, where I stayed as an inpatient for four months. Why? Because as a child, I was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused at the hands of a woman – my mother.

For the sake of this story, I am referring to my mother by her current married name. Before Hreschak, she was Mallino, and before Mallino, she was Agnolucci. My mother is a public school teacher, currently teaching middle school children at Palm Springs Community Middle School (formerly, Jefferson Davis Middle School) in West Palm Beach, Florida. Yes, I’m outing her. Because, despite the crimes of which she made me a victim, she also had sex with a sixteen year old boy when I was fifteen years old, in our home. I was there, with my boyfriend at the time. There was an investigation, but nothing ever came of it. She continued to teach and still does to this day.

I was abused on a daily basis, but because this is not a book, I will stick to the most damaging atrocities. Between the ages of eight and ten, every weekend, my mother forced me to visit her pool- hall junkie boyfriend, a man by the name of Jimmy Reid, whose living situation consisted of various cheap motel rooms. During those visits, I was forced to watch Jimmy and my mother have sex. In fact, that’s all they did. It was a curious situation – every motel room Jimmy rented only had one bed. I had few options: either sit on the same bed where they were having sex, sit in a chair that faced the bed where they were having sex, or hide in the bathroom. I can remember instances while hiding in the bathroom, my mother calling out, “what are you doing in there” – as if to say, “Why aren’t you out here watching us fuck?” Beyond the sex, their interactions were always sexually gratuitous – it was normal for Jimmy to grab my mother’s vagina while kissing her good-bye.

On the car ride home from several of these sexual exploits, my mother would find a reason to scream at me, I had engaged in some imaginary wrong doing that would cause her to become irate. My punishment was my mother flooring the gas pedal as we traveled down a busy road and her threatening to “slam the car into a brick wall and kill us both”. I believed, without a doubt, that my own mother was going to murder me.

What makes this situation a purposeful crime against my innocence is that during these years, my mother and I lived with my grandparents. There was no logical reason I had to join my mother to these motel rooms and watch her have sex. She could have easily left me with my grandparents. This is sexual abuse – at the hands of a woman.

Along with the sexual abuse, my mother was violently physically abusive. She has punched me in the face and blackened my eyes – to which I was instructed to go to school and tell people that I accidentally “ran into the stationary bicycle”. I was strangled on a number of occasions and once again, instructed to lie when I went to school. This time, it was a “sun rash”. Many times my mother publicly dragged me by my hair down the street as I screamed for help, but no one ever came. I was beaten more times than I can count with wooden salad spoons and told that if I cried, she would beat me more. I was slapped, back-handed, knuckles protruding, on a regular basis. Her knuckle bones seemed as round as globes. I was forced to sit on my knees, facing a corner, for hours. I am embarrassed to admit that I was beaten numerous times for not being able to have a bowel movement every day when I was a little girl.

As for the emotional abuse, she spewed it out as if she were vomiting up spoiled food. I am my father, I will grow up to be nothing, I am useless and ugly. One Christmas, she refused to purchase a Christmas tree or presents, but offered to pay for a nose job. This was her way, once again, to beat down and crush my already fragile self esteem. If I made an A- on a test, I was berated because it wasn’t an A+. As punishment, she took scissors to all of the clothes in my closet. She cut and cut until there was nothing left. She cut until there was nothing left of me.

My final beating occurred when I was fifteen. My mother leapt from a chair, grabbed me by my hair, tossed me to the ground face-first, forced her knee into the small of my back and proceeded to slam my face numerous times against the floor. As she did this, she screamed, “I’m going to kill you”. I was fifteen and thought, finally, my life is over. Finally.

It was at that moment I was able to escape. I ran away and lived on the streets of Florida for six months. I’ll spare you the sad stories of what a fifteen year old girl sometimes has to do in order to not sleep in a park bathroom. (Something I’ve actually done.) But I lived. And at sixteen, the father I never knew flew to Florida and put me on a plane to Pittsburgh, where I lived until I was eighteen.

As for my mother, I have never spoken to her again. During the years she abused me, I was summoned to the school office once and asked about my home life situation. I lied. I lied because I was terrified of what my mother would do if she found out I told them the truth. During those years, not a single family member stepped in to rescue me. Now that I’m older, and no longer under my mother’s thumb, I have no way of prosecuting her for her crimes. The justice system surrounding adult children of child abusers is a fractured system. The statute of limitations removes the possibility of prosecution once an adult is willing and able to confront the crimes caused by our perpetrators. The bruises are gone. All that remains is a brain injury. Adult children of child abusers are the only group of victims told to “forgive” their perpetrators without any real justice served. My mother will never see the inside of a jail cell. She continues on with her life, now remarried and with a son who is about to graduate high school. I’ve made several attempts to contact him and make him aware that if he ever needs a place to run, that my door is always open to him.

Unfortunately, my life has not continued. I am still my mother’s prisoner. I am Clare Hreschak’s daughter. I do not leave the confines of my bedroom. I have tried and taken more psychotropics than I can count. I’ve been to therapy. I’ve seen the bleached white walls of psychiatric institutions. I don’t sleep. I am unable to properly convey to the best man in the world, my husband, just how much I love him. I am emotionally absent yet filled to the brim with resentment toward a system that does not acknowledge the crimes that were made against me, crimes that severed part of me and now I stumble around as if I have a phantom limb. I can feel that part of me that is missing. I am a phantom person. But now I’m ready for as many people to know who this phantom person is:   I am Clare Hreschak’s Daughter.

I do not want anyone’s pity. I want, what I believe many adult children of child abusers want – acknowledgement. I can no longer carry this abuse around in silence. If the current justice system is unable to acknowledge the fact that I have been a victim of numerous crimes at the hands of my own mother, then I feel that I’ve been forced to create my own justice. That justice, for me, is to OUT the sadistic and dangerous criminal slithering about her community, working at your public schools, and still abusing.

My mother is Clare Hreschak. Clare Mallino. Clare Agnolucci.  And I am her daughter.

Public Records Show:  http://florida-white-pages.virtualyp.com/Hreschak-Clare-1745811.html

Clare Hreschak
211 Costello Rd
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
Telephone: 561-493-4647

If you are interested in reaching me, the author of this “short” memoir:

Rachel Mallino Fowley

I am also asking that any former or current students of Clare Hreschak to please leave a comment here on wordpress or on my facebook  page, where a post has already been started,  with your own story regarding misconduct and inappropriate behavior by Clare Hreschak.  If you do not feel comfortable leaving a public comment, please email me.



227 thoughts on “I Am Clare Hreschak’s Daughter

  1. Carrol Mick says:

    I shared it. Very very powerful. I appreciate your sharing of this story as it helped me in thinking and trying to deal with my own PTSD. THANK YOU!!

  2. Wow … I went to the school she teaches at when it was Jefferson Davis. I hope you find relief one day and are able to move forward with your life.

  3. You are not the only one. I’m 60, and my siblings and I went through what you did. I would like to say there is some resolution, some healing, some justice, but there isn’t. The only thing I’ve been able to do is learn to survive it.

  4. Ashley says:

    Did she teach math by any chance?

  5. […] the light of day in the past now get reported.  On my page today there was a story by a woman about her horrible, abusive mother – who is not in jail, who works as a teacher in a Florida public school.  Back when the […]

  6. Leticia Garcia says:

    Wow! She was my 7th grade English teacher. She always had a problem with me but I was never quite, I told her off many many times. I can’t believe she us still teaching!

  7. MAS says:


  8. rachael solder says:

    Thats so horrible! She was my teacher! I was always in trouble..shed lie to my parents about me! I was never in trouble before or after her! I hope u get justice! She was so awful & mean. Always screaming at us

  9. Cygnus21 says:

    Wow. I have to thank you for your courage in coming out with your story. As the adult child of an abusive parent I understand your frustration. I also understand ho difficult it is to discuss your childhood and how it can cast a long shadow over the rest of your life. I am sad for the pain you had to endure as a child , and I am hoping you stay strong. Your store strengthens me and I will forever be touched by it.

    One day your mother will get what she deserves for the way she treated you. Hopefully one day soon.

  10. wow ur a very brave women i went to jefferson davis she is a piece of shit she needs to rot in hell

  11. Leslie Troche says:

    I, too, had her as my 7th grade English teacher at JD. She was an awful woman, always hateful towards us. A funny profession to be in if you hate children so much. My heart goes out to you, Rachel. It seems that even though the person who gave birth to you doesn’t leave a pleasant taste in anyone’s mouth, you seem like a lovely person who was dealt a really horrible hand early on. I hope you one day get the justice you so greatly deserve.

  12. viv says:

    Thank you for this… It hits so close to home…

  13. Dawn says:

    I just want you to know that I think you are very brave. It is sad to know that she is not in jail where she belongs. I was abused as a child, not by my parents. It was a next door neighbor. The only thing that I know is that everyone will have to answer for what they have done. She will have to answer to God. My heart goes out to you.

  14. marc jefferson says:

    your mother has long been imprisoned. it is unfortunate that you were born into her prison cell. the cell however, has never been locked from the outside. it is more than likely not even locked from the inside. most prisoners instill fear to create a co-dependency for their cell mates. it sounds as though you have taken the very first step, with this outting of your mother. the door is unlocked to that cell. do your push ups, crunches, sit ups, pull ups, squats, etc. build the neccesary muscles to endure the fight you are just now truly beginning. the therapy was like a

  15. marc jefferson says:

    your mother has long been imprisoned. it is unfortunate that you were born into her prison cell. the cell however, has never been locked from the outside. it is more than likely not even locked from the inside. most prisoners instill fear to create a co-dependency for their cell mates. it sounds as though you have taken the very first step, with this outting of your mother. the door is unlocked to that cell. do your push ups, crunches, sit ups, pull ups, squats, etc. build the neccesary muscles to endure the fight you are just now truly beginning. the therapy was like a p.e. class teaching you how to do these exercises. leave the cell and lock her in behind you, in Jesus’ name i pray for all who have lived a sentence of ill conviction.

  16. Matt Dziedzic says:

    You’re a champ through and through Rachel. It’s all smile from here on out for you. :).
    You are now a force and feisty and have the best sense of humor
    Now that I’ve seen her face I’m absolutely certain I’ve seen her before from the WPB days. Hang in there kiddo. A nice visit to the south shore will help you out. 😉

  17. Laura Sotelo says:

    I can relate to you! My mother was very hard on us, but at the same time she was also a lot of fun, i think she was bipolar! Now she is a sweet old lady! What really has helped me to forgive her and understanding her is the fact that I embraced the gospel of Christ. My case is not as bad as yours, I really feel sorry for you, I hope that you can resolve this entirely at your favor! My children and nieces and nephews went to JD, I hope they didn’t have to deal with her, for their own sake. She shouldn’t be teaching anymore!!

  18. Yesi Perez says:

    I currently have her as an English teacher. She yells at us for no reason and she barely teaches. I don’t know how she still isn’t fired. She has Ramen Noodle hair. It looks like weave. She yelled at me for shapening my pencil. I hope you get justice because she isn’t a good teacher or parent.

  19. Carrie says:

    I wish the very best for you in life. I am so sorry you had to ever live with this woman who gave birth to you.

  20. Laurie says:

    I cant believe that they are still letting her teach. I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. My daughter was abused by her stepdad (I left him the night I found out) and they said it was a he said.. she said situation that they had no proof. so my 11 y/o daughter would have had to have been actually penetrated to prosecute this man. So my daughter who is now 16 has had cutting issues, still has nightmares, insomnia and is still in therapy, while he gets to go about his life. So yes the judicial system sucks, especially with abuse victims. My only hope is when he meets with his maker he is made to pay. You are such a strong woman. Keep the faith and keep the strength and I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for your bravery in sharing this story.

  21. HR Leslie says:

    And God will hold every woman accountable

  22. Jessica says:

    I don’t have her as a teacher, but I do go to this school, and am friends with many people who have her. They say she leaves the lights closed all the time, and is constantly sitting on her desk on facebook. I hope she gets fired and is arrested.

  23. jessicalive2015@hotmail.com says:


  24. Brittany Putzig says:

    Wow! I ALSO ha her as my 7th grade English teacher, she was beyon mean and hateful! I remember skipping class just so I didn’t have to go to see her. It’s sad that he is even still a teacher, she needs to be fired. I’m sorry for your childhood please don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever just want to talk 🙂 brittany_nicole_p@yahoo.com

  25. Dina says:

    I had her as a teache and I got out of her class as soon a possible she did have a very abusive personality and she woul do anything for the kids in her class to be miserable and she failed every one. The only person she’s nice to at that school is the teacher from across the hall that she flirts with

  26. amos says:

    you are very strong for doing this. she was a cold hearted woman, everyone disliked her. hopefully she loses her job.

  27. Kari, a mom. says:

    My daughter had her for 7th grde English. She constantly complained how mean she is, that she doesn’t teach anything, she sits at her desk all classtime long on her laptop on FB and you are not allowed to have a pencil in your hand while she is talking. I had my daughter transferred out in Jan. I told Adim of all tje complaints my daughter and her friends would constantly telk me of her. I met het at Open House and got a bad vibe from the get go. I am so sorry for all you endurehophope thst maybe you can find a little feeling

    • Kari – thank you sharing your story of my mother as a teacher. More people need to share these types of stories because, despite her crimes against her own daughter, she should not be allowed to be around children and the comments I am receiving from parents and students further proves this point. Something needs to change.

  28. Heather says:

    You are so courageous to share your story. There are many of us who grew up in similar situations. I had to get away from my mom when I was 14. I now believe she had/has borderline personality disorder. People who have been unforunate enough to be raised by a person like this will understand. There is no reasoning with a person like that. They will continue to purposely hurt you in every way until you get away from them. I’m sorry that this happened to you.

  29. zaiius says:

    It must be empowering to come out of the hiding and fear; much healing and recovery. Blessings

  30. Paulette Bragel says:

    May God bless you and help heal you, Rachel. I was a victim of emotional abuse by my father as a young child, and my mother was a victim of both emotional and physical abuse at his hand. 50+ years ago this was an issue that was kept private and I am relieved that this is changing. I still have the emotional scars but like the one-legged skater that psychotherapist John Bradshaw uses in his analogy, one learns to cope using what resources one has. I hope that your outing of your mother is the beginning of your journey into the light. I most sincerely hope that the Palm Beach County School Board Administration will follow up on all of these complaints. The best to you, my dear.

  31. Dawn says:

    I went to JD and was fortunate to NOT have her as a teacher. A lot of my middle school friends did however. I remember the horror stories they used to tell me. How she was off her rocker and would scream at them for no reason. Everyone was afraid of her and after this and even as a middle school student I could see why. I know she is your mother but she just has an evil persona. I hope that putting her will do something. Even if it is just getting her fired. She doesn’t need to be around young impressionable minds.

  32. rachelmallino says:

    This is another story from a former student, Tabatha Mazzeo: I was in mrs hreschak’s class. One day I had to use the restroom. She refused to let me go. She advised me that if I had to use the restroom I would have to go in the trash can in class. I told my mother and she said to walk out of class and go if I had to without fear of an at home consequence for getting referrals for walking out of class.

    • Katherine says:

      I am 25 now and I will never forget this lady in my life. I had her at JD in 8th grade and she was a miserable bitch. She needs to be fired ASAP !!!! What you have gone through is very horrific as well as traumatic but you and only YOU must learn to forgive and move on. WE ALL KNOW THE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT, & evil people walk amoungst us !! Your mom has hurt you enough no need to continue to let the past ruin your life or you happiness. GOD BLESS !

  33. Rachel Mallino says:

    I was given permission to share another story from a former student: Your mother was one my 7th grade teachers (I’m a college freshman now.) and your mom is one of the few classes I remember very vividly as I was the only student she moved all the way to the computer tables from the desk. She’d always make snide remarks but the one comment, the only comment I ever remember from a teacher was on the last day of school when we were watching a movie. I asked if I could sit with the class at the desks because it was the last day. She said to me ” No. You have been ostracized from the group” – Qasim Shirazi

  34. Anna Pegg says:

    I remember her now..I went there when it was Jefferson Davis..this makes me sick..I have half a mind to go down to this school and demand that she is fired!

  35. Melissa (Missy) Agnolucci says:

    My name is Melissa Agnolucci. My father is David Agnolucci, and his sister is Clare Agnolucci / Mallino / Hreschak. Rachel is my cousin and YES she is real, and YES, UNFORTUNATELY, Clare Hreschak is real. If you feel the strange desire to confirm my identity feel free to friend me on FB and ask any questions, my face book is username Missy Agnolucci . So, a recap- Rachel is real and this horrible story is real. She’s my cousin and I want more than anything in the world for you to get justice and for Aunt Clare to FINALLY get called out on what she did.


    Melissa (Missy) Agnolucci

  36. Shannob vasques says:

    Rachel you are a very courageous woman and im sure an inspiration for children who may be suffering the same fate as you. I think this letter should br printed out and given to the principal of palm springs middle. I too went to JD, however I did not have her. But if my children went there and she did anything to them id tare her limb from limb. Parents at that school deserve to know what kind of monster walks those halls!

    I pray for your sake that POS gets what she desrves….whatever that may be.

  37. Christina Flannery says:

    I also attended JDMS. I am trying my hardest to remember if she was a teacher of mine. I was going through a VERY abusive relationship at the time with my step mother. I am familiar with all of the physical and emotional abuse. Its strange that somewhere so close someone was going through the same thing I was…and even worse. I hope you find closure. Everyday is a struggle and its very hard to adjust. Email me if you want a chat buddy…I have a heap of stuff I would love to talk about too..

    • Brittany Putzig says:

      Would it be okay if I printed this out and took it to the school? At the very least I think an investigation should be done.

  38. Rachel Mallino says:

    Also – DEAR SYBERMOMS at http://www.sybermoms.com/forums/showthread.php?t=643576

    I want to clear a few things up for you. One: I am, in fact, “real”, and the daughter of Clare Hreschak. I have a birth certificate to prove it! TWO: I do not have a “personality disorder”, I have PTSD, which is a brain injury. THREE: My comments are not libel because they are the truth, however, the burden of proof is on me, from what I understand. Although, if anyone would like to direct me to a pro bono attorney, that would be great! Also, I would love to answer any other questions you have in order to “prove” that I am who I say I am. I tried registering to your site, but have not been approved by a moderator yet.

    p.s. I think the discourse from the link I found to your site is great, btw!

  39. Tasha says:

    spreading this all over fb,i don’t recall her as my teacher. Rachel,i hope you find peace someday, i know its hard.Not many can say they’ve been where you are.I wish you the best & feel free to let us know how we can put this bitch away forever

  40. Rachel Mallino says:

    Dear SYBERMOMS at http://www.sybermoms.com/forums/showthread.php?t=643576: I read your follow up reply and appreciate you commenting to me directly. I am still unable to post to your site because a moderator has yet to approve my membership. I, too, am a mother. I have a 12 year old daughter. I really did just want to clear a few things up because I do believe the type of discourse on your site is important and necessary. I am a fellow skeptic, so I get it. I hope that I will have the chance to prove my claims to be true, as I know they are true. I will need help, however, in doing so. I have several people to track down and I need assistance in digging up HRS records and records from the Palm Beach County School Board regarding the investigation that was conducted after my mother had sex with the sixteen year old boy in my home. I have some work ahead of me – but I wanted to get my story out there. This is the truth and I realize I could be sued by my mother, but that means little to me compared to another day of living in silence – another day where downing a bottle of pills seems like a better option than keeping the muzzle over my mouth. Again, I appreciate and encourage this type of discourse. Nothing but respect to your group.

  41. Raven Perez says:

    If anyone needs more proof feel free to hit me up on FB Rachel has been a friend for years she is a living breathing human being and her story is real

  42. Rachel Mallino says:

    love you, Raven!

  43. Mrs. DogRescuer says:

    wow I dont know you or anything about you but for this and just reading the story and the comments, I cant believe she has been with kids over and over again for years since tehn. Personally, now as an adult, we can choose not to surround ourselves with people like this but these kids have no choice and are like prisoners…that’s really sad. And I am very sorry what happened to you and my heart goes out to you. I truly hope you find peace in your life someday soon. I recommend rescuing a pit bull. xoxoxoslurp

    • Rachel Mallino says:

      Hi, Mrs. DogRescuer – I am a huge dog lover and rescued one shephard mix and I own one English Springer Spaniel.

  44. Cliff says:

    I read the entire thing, and my heart breaks for you and others like you. Childhood abuse, especially sexual, is one of the hardest things to overcome. I want to recommend a friend’s program. Sallie Culbreth is a fellow sexually abused woman, and she started and runs Committed to Freedom. It operates nationally, but it is headquartered right here in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Her husband, Tim Culbreth, is the head of Teen Challenge of Arkansas. If you are interested, I will work to get you into her program. You can Google and read about the program online.

  45. Carrol Mick says:

    To anyone that would like to contact me carrolmick@gmail.com – I can verify that Rachel is a real breathing living human being and she has been damaged by this and I can attest to her being severely negatively affected by this as we both were at NIH and roommates. She is a good person who struggles due to these horrible events.

  46. maria says:

    Rachel my name is maria and i might be able to find the info your looking for. Email me @ mariac2569@gmail.com

  47. concerned says:

    Pls check your “other” folder on fb for messages. Since we are not friends they wanted to charge me a dollar to message you directly.

  48. Molly says:

    You are so brave to do this. You rock. I am praying for you Rachel, you certainly deserve justice.

  49. Mike Paganini says:

    and sorry about your childhood, from my experience she was quite cold hearted as well

  50. Shea P says:

    I went to Jefferson Davis. I remember seeing her face in the halls and I had friends who had her as a teacher, they always told stories about how terrible she was to them. I’m sorry for all that she put you through. PLEASE let us know what happens, and if they fire her.

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