New Organization

Hello everyone – I would like to direct you over to the organization I’ve started, called IACHD.

This site will continue to stay up and running, as I feel it is still a useful platform for the students and parents at PSCMS and my personal blog regarding my story as a woman who was abused as a child. I will try to update this blog regarding my own journey in trying to prosecute Clare for her crimes.

As of April 19, 2013 I filed an official police report with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office against Clare Hreschak for sexual and physical abuse. I am currently waiting to hear back from a Detective Falbe, who said he would show my report to the State Attorney’s Special Victims Unit. He said he cannot promise anything and I am fully prepared to be told that NOTHING can be done due to the statute of limitations.  However – I will not stay silent. I will continue to be uproarious because Clare should never have the chance to be around children ever again.


One thought on “New Organization

  1. Student at PSMS says:

    Amen! She shouldn’t be around children AT ALL. Shes a damn mean teacher!

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