What I’ve been told by the PBSO

Direct quote from Deputy Falbe at the PBSO in Wellington, Florida:


RE: my report against Clare Hreschak for sexually and physically abusing me as a child

“The best I can do is generate an information report to document what you told me, but this report is for information only and is not a crime report. This report will not be seen by anyone else and there will be no criminal investigation. I’m sorry, but there is nothing else I can do.”

So, there it is. Statute of limitations is allowing a sexual predator to live in your community and teach at your public schools.

If there was ever a time to speak up…it is now.



One thought on “What I’ve been told by the PBSO

  1. Michelle Ferrara says:

    I believe the law on the statute of limitations has changed for adults that were victims of sexual abuse as a child. I urge you to contact SART (Sexual Abuse Response Team) in West Palm Beach and discuss with one of the women who work there. I’ve been to a few SART meetings and remember the new law/extension of statute of limitations being discussed. You are your own HERO, and I am proud of you for what you are doing. Every day you allow her negative energy to affect you, she is still winning. Don’t allow that. You are strong and can (day by day) move mountains. Remember the mustard seed? Keep your chin up!

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